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Appliance Repair and Installation Company in Provo UtahYour local, family-owned company in Provo, Utah treats your appliances like their own—in all the right ways. At Peter’s Appliance, we specialize in gadgets big and small. From microwaves to washing machines, stoves/ovens to dryers and everything in between, if you depend on it to make your life easier, you can depend on us to do the same for you. Absolutely every household appliance is our specialty, but customer service is where we really shine. At Peter’s Appliance, we’ve seen it all, repaired it all and never judge. It doesn’t matter if a melted Barbie doll is the reason your dryer’s on the blink or if you’re madly in love with a microwave that’s 20 years old. We provide our customers with every option, including repairs vs. replacements, so you have the information necessary to make the best decision. Many times, appliances are one of the costliest investments homeowners can make. Protecting those investments with regular maintenance and high quality repairs isn’t just smart, it’s what you deserve.

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