Man fixing electronic appliance

Most Common Appliance Problems and How to Fix Them

If you’re having trouble with your appliances, chances are a quick fix will get you back on track pretty painlessly. But if you suspect something major is wrong, it is very easy to forget to try some of the simplest, and most often successful, troubleshooting techniques. So today we’re sharing the four of the most common appliance problems and how to fix them. So, the next time you’re faced with what could be a major appliance issue, you can easily rule out the simple issues first!

Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn On

Did you just scrape some food off your plate and flip the switch on your garbage disposal only to find that it won’t turn on? You might not need to call a repair company just yet. Most disposals have an overload feature that will shut off when the motor is too hot or overloaded. Give your disposal a few minutes to cool off. Then, look at the bottom of your disposal and try pressing the reset button.

Refrigerator Stops Working

On a hot summer day (heck, on any day of the year!) the last thing you want is for the refrigerate to stop working. Yes, this may cause immediate panic. But before you get too carried away, try checking the coils! The coils can get easily clogged with dust, hair (especially from pets) and other debris. With all that gunk in the way the compressor may overheat, causing the fridge to overload and shut off. To clean the coils, remove the grille at the bottom of the refrigerator and push a brush in and around the coils to catch as much dust and hair as you can. A vacuum will also be very handy.

Oven Won’t Get Hot

In some cases, your oven might not turn on and all it will require of you is to press a few buttons! That’s right. Many ovens with electric controls have a clock and timer settings. It doesn’t take much to accidentally press buttons like “hold,” or “delay start.” This of course will keep your oven from immediately heating up. Just press the “off” button to reset the controls and try again.

Dryer Won’t Heat

If you’re working on laundry, it’s pretty disappointing to remove clothes from the dryer only to find that they’re still wet. If your dryer isn’t getting hot, you’ll want to double (and maybe even triple) check your settings. You really don’t want to call an appliance repair company and have them show up to your house only to find that your dryer is set to “air fluff,” which has no heat. It’s also a good idea to make sure that your lint filter is clear of all lint. When it is clogged it’ll basically trick your machine into thinking your clothes are dry. Pull it out, scrub it in hot water with some laundry detergent and a stiff brush. You’ll be back to that pile of laundry in no time!

While these fixes may work for you, there are instances where an appliance repair company is necessary to get your appliances running smoothly again. If that’s the case, call Peter’s Appliance for help with any appliance, and for excellent customer service.