Energy Efficient Appliances

Are Energy-Efficient Appliances Worth the Money?

Some consumers prefer energy-efficient appliances, while others may question the worth of this investment, calculating both the energy savings and long-term environmental payoff before making a decision. Following are a number of points to consider before purchasing these products, along with shopping suggestions for saving more along the way.

Lower Utility Bills

It is a proven fact: Energy-efficient appliances will lower your utility bills. Household appliances account for at least 20 percent of the average household’s energy usage. According to Energy Star, when older machines are replaced with energy-conscious products, households cut back energy consumption by 10 to 50 percent, depending on the quality, design, make and model of the appliance as well as how frequently it is put to use. Each home can save $80 per year when replacing all kitchen and laundry appliances.

Fewer Repairs

In addition to the monthly cost savings on utilities, these products are constructed with advanced modern technology and high-quality parts. This can translate to fewer appliance repair bills over the course of the lifetime of the machines. Whenever you are investing hundreds or thousands of dollars in a purchase, the longevity of the item counts toward the overall value. Fewer repairs means more money in your pocket in the long term, as well as peace of mind knowing your home systems likely will last longer before needing service.

Environmental Benefits

Besides the monetary advantages, these product options ultimately do the environment a great service. Using less water and electricity preserves natural resources. Everyone must take action to keep the planet healthy and reduce carbon emissions. Relying on energy-efficient technology is a way to compromise between your day-to-day needs and the large-scale necessity of environmental preservation.

Shopping for Appliances

If you have made the decision to upgrade or replace outdated, worn, home appliances, follow a few guidelines when shopping for new appliances. First, consider purchasing used machines rather than brand-new products. Since energy-efficient technology has been in use for several years, buying a certified used model can save even more money while still providing all the above stated benefits.

Also, discuss your needs with your local appliance repair technician. They can guide you toward the type of machine that has the capacity and dependability to satisfy your household’s needs. Contact Peter’s Appliance today for professional advice, repair and service on all makes and models of energy-efficient appliances.