Reconditioned Appliances

Five Reasons to Buy Reconditioned Appliances

Purchasing reconditioned appliances provides multiple benefits for consumers who are looking to replace a non-working appliance or simply upgrade the look of their kitchen or laundry room. Following are five reasons consumers should consider refurbished products in place of brand-new options.

Low Price

Consumers can save a significant amount of money buying reconditioned appliances. Some used options are newer year models, but at a much lower price. Reconditioned machines have already had a major part fail, but it has been replaced with a brand-new component and been fully tested before being offered for sale. Consumers can enjoy cost savings without sacrificing much on quality.

Brand Name

When updating an older kitchen either for personal enjoyment or in preparation for selling the home, brand-name appliances can add to the renovation value. Many consumers who otherwise could not manage to purchase an entire range of stainless-steel, brand-name appliances now can afford the cost.

Proven Functionality

Even when purchasing brand-new machines, consumers have no verification the appliance will work correctly when delivered. Even though refurbished products experienced a breakage and repair already, they also have proven their ability to function correctly. When an appliance breaks and is repaired, it is put through a rigorous series of tests before being put back on the market. Consumers can rest easily knowing they are purchasing a working, efficient product.

Replaced Parts Covered Under Warranty

Many critics may point to the fact that reconditioned appliances do not include the original manufacturer’s warranty with the purchase, citing this as a reason to avoid refurbished products. However, most manufacturers’ warranties only last for one to three years at most. Also, many times the part that failed in the first place was the motor or another moving part — the most expensive components to fix. The refurbished appliance retailer will cover the replaced part under warranty after the sale, protecting the consumer’s investment going forward.

Preserve the Environment

Energy-efficient appliances have been in production for many years. Consumers do not have to purchase brand-new products to benefit from the energy conservation advances. Also, another factor for consumers to consider is appliance production. Millions of appliances are imported and manufactured on home soil every year, consuming energy resources for production purposes. When consumers purchase refurbished products already in circulation, the demand does not increase and there is less of a resource drain on the environment.

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