Garbage Disposal Problems

Diagnosing Garbage Disposal Problems

If you are experiencing garbage disposal problems such as a leak, a clog or an unusual grinding noise, this guide can help you understand the issue and take the right course of action for repair. Following are number of common garbage disposal problems and their potential solutions.

It Will Not Turn On

Garbage disposals run on electricity. When the machine is turned on and you get no response, the most likely cause is a tripped breaker, fuse or overheated machine motor. Locate the electrical box and find the breakers controlling kitchen power. Ensure all fuses are fully functioning. Next, look at the bottom of the disposal itself. Find the red reset button. If it has popped out, the motor either overheated or a clog interrupted operation. Push the reset button back in and check to see if the disposal now functions.

It is Leaking Water

Before fixing a leaking disposal, unplug the machine to avoid electrical shock. Turn off the breaker in the main electrical box as well. Identify the source of the water leak. It may be sprouting from the sink flange, the hose leading to the dishwasher, the draining hose or the bottom of the disposal itself.

If water leaks from where the garbage disposal meets the sink, you must replace the seal. Remove the machine, scrape away the current faulty seal and reseal using fresh putty. If water leaks from one of the draining hoses, replacing the product should remedy the issue. If water leaks from where these hoses meet the dishwasher or disposal, replacing these seals is an effective fix. When water leaks out of the bottom of the actual disposal, this is a signal the seals inside the machine have worn down. A appliance repair professional can complete this job efficiently.

It Will Not Drain

When the disposal will not let water drain, a clog is usually the cause. Fully disconnect the disposal from the power source and turn off the breaker. Put on rubber gloves and reach into the disposal with metal pliers to clear out all food debris. If the clog remains, attempt to release the blockage using a plunger. You can also disconnect the drainage hose to see if clumps of food are stuck, inhibiting water flow. For debris stuck within the appliance itself, call a professional repair specialist who can take apart the components to release the clog before restoring it to full functionality.

It Makes an Unusual Noise

Garbage disposals may grind when a piece of bone or glass falls into the machine. Running the machine will usually cause the piece to work its way out on its own. If the noise persists, the problem may lie in worn-out bearings, screws or blades in the machine itself. Talk to an experienced professional about any bothersome noises and let him or her deconstruct the appliance to locate the source.

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