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Does Your Dryer’s Heating Element Need to be Replaced?

Getting a few loads of laundry done feels great – you check an item off your to-do list and you have clean clothes! But that simple chore can quickly become frustrating when you remove your clothes from the dryer only to find that they aren’t quite dry.Young woman doing laundry

Before you do any kind of maintenance work on your dryer you should make sure it is completely unplugged. To check your heating element, move your dryer away from the wall so you have access to the back and release the vent from the back of the dryer.

The location of your heat element may vary depending on the type and model of dryer you have, so before proceeding it is a good idea to check with your owner’s manual. The heating element can usually be found behind the dryer drum insider the dryer cabinet, or behind a panel on the back of the dryer.

Once you have located the heating element, use a multimeter set to the R X 1 resistance scale, and touch the end of the heat element. You will know that your heating element needs to be replaced if you get a reading of infinite resistance.

You can also check if your heating element is working by locating the thermostat attached to the element. With needle-nose pliers, pull the wires from the terminal and the wires from the bottom of the heating element. Then, test the heat element by clipping a continuity tester to one of the heat element terminals. Make sure that the test needle is touching the other terminal. If the light glows, your heating element is still good. If, however, it fails to produce a light, the heating element needs to be replaced.

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