Electric Oven

Fixing an Electric Oven and Range: 4 Common Problems

Fixing an electric oven and range first involves diagnosing the issues and researching possible solutions. These appliances may experience a range of problems during their periods of frequent use in your kitchen. While in some cases you may be able to tackle the issue on your own, some breakdowns require the knowledge of a seasoned appliance repair professional.

Here are four of the most common problems you may be facing if your electric oven is out of service, along with potential solutions and tips on the proper way to begin fixing an electric oven or range.

The Burner Does Not Work

If your electric range uses heating coils for burners, you may find that they may stop working from time to time. Sometimes cleaning off the connections where built-up grease and grime has collected can make the burner work again.

You can usually diagnose the severity of this issue yourself by removing the heating coil from where it is plugged into the burner block and swapping it with another heating coil from the range. If the coil does not work in another burner block, buy a replacement heating element. If it does work when plugged into another burner block, the problem lies with the burner block’s electrical connections. This is a more extensive repair best left to a skilled professional.

The Oven Does Not Heat

If the entire appliance does not turn on, check that no fuses have blown at the breaker box. If the appliance turns on and the range heats up but the oven does not, the fault may lie in the heating element normally located in the bottom of the oven. Examine the component for breaks or cracks. You may be able to purchase a new element that matches your make and model and complete this repair on your own.

If the oven heats but does not maintain the correct temperature, the thermostat may require replacement. The temperature sensor could also be the cause of the problem. Those two repairs may require in-depth electrical work, so you should call a professional for help with them.

The Range or Oven Indicator Lights Do Not Work

If the range burners and oven both turn on and heat but the indicator lights or interior lights don’t come on, try replacing the bulbs first. If a bulb replacement does not solve the issue, a professional may have to inspect the electrical wiring leading to the sockets and look for loose, shredded or disconnected wires.

The Door Will Not Latch

If the oven door does not close securely, the appliance will most likely not turn on at all. If it still does function, heat is probably leaking out, causing a fire hazard and potentially burning you if you aren’t careful.

Check the oven door’s hinges for loose screws. Replace any bent metal hinge components. If the door uses springs to open and close, make sure each is functioning properly, replacing them if necessary. Also, remove and replace the rubber door gasket seal. If none of these solutions is effective, the latch itself might need to be repaired, so call a professional without delay.

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