Broken refrigerator

Fridge Repair: 4 Signs You Should Call a Professional

Is your fridge on the fritz? Don’t wait to call a repair person. A quick fix now may help you avoid a costly repair in the future. If you spot one of these four signs, you should call a service professional immediately:

Excessive Condensation or Leaks

Have you noticed a lot of condensation building up inside your refrigerator lately? This could mean the door’s gasket seal is broken or faulty and letting in unwanted warm air. A faulty door gasket also could mean your refrigerator is working overtime to keep items cold.

Water pooling on the floor can be caused by condensation building up on the condenser coils or a broken drain pan. Water pooling inside your refrigerator could point to a malfunctioning defrost draining system. Maybe the drain leading to the exterior froze or became clogged.

Whether the water is showing up inside or outside your fridge, call for professional repair when you notice condensation or a leak.

The Water and Ice Dispenser No Longer Work

Part of the reason you bought your fridge was for the convenience of having purified water and ice readily available. If the dispenser stops working, the problem could be traced to any number of causes. The water supply tube could have frozen, blocking water intake. Maybe low water pressure or a faulty intake valve is preventing a full flow. Some of the working components of the ice maker may have failed.

Call for professional diagnosis and repair right away.

Your Food Does Not Stay Cold

Once you start throwing away spoiled food, it’s time to address the issue. A refrigerator that won’t stay cold and do its main job — preserving food — needs attention immediately. In many cases, the internal thermostat may have failed, causing a disruption in temperature. The fan and motor system may have given out, or the vent responsible for letting in cool air may be obstructed.

The Appliance Won’t Stop Running

While there may be some easy fixes for a fridge that won’t stop running, such as ensuring vents are not blocked, the refrigerator is not overfilled and the gasket seal is secure, mechanical problems could be the root of the issue.

The condenser or evaporator fan motors both could have failed, causing the compressor to continue to run even though the fridge has reached its desired temperature. This also may be a case of a broken thermostat, in which no signal is given to the refrigerator to turn off, which leads to wasted electricity and higher energy bills.

If you need reliable, professional fridge repair at an affordable cost, don’t hesitate to contact Peters Appliance for an in-home appointment at your convenience.