Front Loader vs. Top Loader

Front Loader vs. Top Loader

Shopping for any appliance can be overwhelming and confusing. There are so many options, each touting to be the very best. And no matter what you choose, you have to be prepared to put pay a significant price tag. If you’re in the market for a new dishwasher, you may be wondering the benefits of a front loader vs. a top loader. While you won’t find any help here when it comes time to pay for your new appliance, here is some information that will help you decide which type of washing machine is right for you.

Top Loader

One of the first things to note about using a top loading washer is just how easy it is to unload and load. NO need to bend down and pull your laundry out. With a top loader it is all relatively close in front of you. This can be a huge benefit if you have any sort of back or knee problem.
If you’re like many people and miss a stray sock or two as you’re gathering laundry, you’ll have no trouble throwing it in after you’ve started a load. Another benefit of having a top loader is that the price is usually right. If money is tight, you can usually get a pretty good deal on a top loader. They generally have a long lifetime, and if you do happen to need a repair, they can usually be done relatively cheaply.

One of the downsides of having a top loader is that by nature they are tougher on your clothes. Top loaders work by having an agitator in the middle and the clothes spin in a circle. This generally uses more water than a front loader, and causes more wear and tear on your clothes.

Front Loader

There are many benefits to purchasing a front loading washing machine. Because clothes tumble in an up and down motion, rather than in a circle, they are much more gently on your clothes. Your front loader will also use less water, making it more efficient and saving you on your utility bills (both in energy and water) and on detergent.

If you’re a little on the shorter side, a front loader may be more comfortable for you to load and unload, unlike having to stand on your tiptoes to reach the bottom of your top loader.
One downside of a front loader is that it is easy for water to stay trapped after a cycle, causing mold and mildew issues.. This can be problematic but is easily solved by regularly wiping out your washing machine and gasket.

Front loaders usually have many cycle options, which can be very convenient. However, this means the price tag is usually higher and repairs are a bit more complicated and expensive as well.

Both have their pros and cons, and ultimately you will have to decide what’s best for your family. No matter what you choose, if you find yourself needing an appliance repair company, be sure to contact Peter’s Appliance. Whether it’s a top loader or front loader, they will get your appliance working quickly with quality work and fair prices. Don’t hesitate to call Peter’s Appliance for any of your appliance repair needs!