Hard Water

Is Hard Water Breaking Your Appliances?

If your appliances are breaking early and often, maybe hard water in your home’s supply is the reason.

When you invest in an appliance, you want it to last for its full expected life span — maybe even longer. If you find yourself calling an appliance repair company more often than you’d like, it’s time to start looking for ways to prevent future issues. Reducing the negative effect of hard water on your home appliances may be a good place to start.

What Makes Water Hard?

Hard water contains a lot of minerals, usually calcium and magnesium. These minerals occur naturally in the earth and leach into groundwater. The vast majority of the United States draws on water supplies that are considered hard, but many households have installed softening systems to combat the negative side effects.

When this type of water gets hot, calcium deposits form and can lodge inside plumbing lines and inner appliance piping, obstructing the flow and reducing overall efficiency.

How it Can Harm Appliance

Hard water can cause serious issues with your hot water heater. The scale deposits that form on the inside of the tank can lead to corrosion. The weight of the deposits also can wear on the seams, causing leaks.

Your clothes also may not look clean and fresh after they come out of the wash. They may remain stiff and the colors may be dull. The inlet hose to your washing machine may clog and you could have leaks.

Dishwashers also will become less effective, with glasses remaining cloudy, since it is harder to remove soap scum. Leaks also have been known to occur due to clogging within the machine or in the inlet or outlet hoses.

If your refrigerator uses a water dispenser and ice maker, blockages can form and damage the inner parts, which will require replacement.

Think About Installing a Water Treatment System

The first step in addressing this problem is awareness, and you should test your home’s water supply for confirmation if you suspect a problem. Talk to town officials about hardness levels, and install a whole-home softening system to completely eliminate the issue if you deem it necessary.

Form a relationship with an appliance maintenance and repair team like Peter’s Appliance, so you can be sure to have access to emergency services for your household appliances. Whether the cause for the breakdown is from hard water deposits or normal wear and tear, call Peter’s Appliance when you need help.