Basic Life Hack: Best Way To Clean Your Microwave

Life Hack: Best Way To Clean Your Microwave

Each time you open your microwave, you remember that cleaning it is a task you should really be doing more often. But as soon as your food is hot and ready, you quickly forget about the task and go about enjoying your leftovers. Before long, your left with a hard, caked-on mess in your microwave that seems impossible to clean.

Before you start scrubbing away trying to get food particles out of each and every awkward corner of your microwave, check out this life hack for the best way to clean your microwave. It’s simple and will save you lots of elbow grease.

First, you’ll want to gather a few items to help clean your microwave. The good news is that you’ll have all of these on-hand! First, you will need a microwave-safe bowl or mug. Next, grab a lemon and some vinegar. Now, you’re ready to get started!

Pour about ½ to one cup of water into your microwave-safe dish. Next, you’ll add vinegar to your water. Depending on how soiled your microwave is will determine how much vinegar you should use. One tablespoon may suffice if you’re doing a quick clean. If you have some really stubborn stains and food particles built up, try going for equal amounts of water and vinegar.

Lastly, cut your lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the mixture. (Or just throw the entire lemon half into your dish!)

Put your dish into the microwave and set the timer for about three minutes , or up to ten. Again, decide how dirty your microwave is and go for a longer cook time the messier it is. When the time is up, let the dish sit in your microwave for a few minutes, then carefully remove it from the microwave and set aside. Use hot pads or a towel to help remove it because it will be hot!

Next comes the easy part… grab a rag and simply wipe out your microwave! Microwaving your water creates steam which loosens up all of the food particles. The vinegar will help to eliminate odors, and the lemon gives it a nice lemony smell. Don’t forget to start wiping from the ceiling down the sides and finish with the bottom. Remove the turntable and give it a good wash. And wipe down the door too! If you need a little extra power, you can dip your rag or sponge into your bowl of vinegar/lemon water to help loosen grime.

This life hack works wonders when it comes to cleaning your microwave. That is if your microwave is working properly. If it’s not, you’re likely going to need an appliance repair specialist.

You could call a big name company, like Maytag home appliance repair, but first look a little closer at other who do appliance repairs in your area. If you want to feel like family with the people you do business with, look closely at your local appliance repair shops.

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