How to Maintain Your Stovetop

Your stovetop is one of the most necessary and frequently used appliances in your kitchen, so it is not unusual for the surface to accrue a distasteful buildup of oil, grease and other cooking spills. However, it may be even more distasteful to have to pay a large appliance repair bill because a lack of regular cleaning contributed to the stovetop’s breakdown. Following are some helpful tips to preserve both electric and gas stoves for the long term.

Cleaning an Electric Stovetop

The easiest way to prevent stains from taking hold on your stovetop is to wipe up any spills before they burn onto the surface. Otherwise, invest in a cleaner specifically designed for appliance surfaces. Spread a layer over the stain and let it dry for at least one minute. Use a dry, clean cloth to wipe away the grime and cleaning substance residue. If the stain remains, purchase a specially designed scraper meant for stovetops. Apply the cleaner over the stain as a lubricant and scrape from the edges of the burned material. This must be done carefully, as the sharp edges of a scraper can damage and scratch surfaces.

If your electric stove has wire coils, detach each and let them soak in hot water and soap before scrubbing them with a bristled brush. You can also let the metal reflective covers soak before scrubbing. Clean the ignition connection with a cloth to remove crumbs and dust.

Cleaning a Gas Stovetop

Approach gas stovetop cleaning proactively, just as you would with the electric version, and clean any spills and grease as soon as possible after they happen to minimize future cleaning difficulty. For a deep cleaning, remove all grates and let them soak in a sink full of hot water and soap. Then scrub each with a wire mesh sponge to loosen and remove the baked-on food particles. You can also remove the metal covering, soak and scrub until it shines once again. On gas stoves, make sure no food or spills block the fuel ports, or else the individual burner may fail to function.

When washing the temperature knobs on both gas and electric stoves, do not use too much water, or the moisture could damage the wiring. Also, do not scrub the knobs too vigorously or the paint may come off.

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