Maintenance Tips for your Washing Machine

While finding a trustworthy appliance repair company has never been easier, you can put off unnecessary repairs and prolong the life of your appliances with simple, regular maintenance. This is true all of your appliances, but today the focus is on your washing machine. Taking time now to properly maintain your appliances will keep them working effectively and smoothly for as long as possible.

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Check the hoses

One of the best things you can do to properly maintain your washing machine is to check the water hoses every few months. You should look for any signs of cracks, blistering, or other signs of wear. If you are able to catch a bad hose before it breaks you can save yourself plenty of time and money by avoiding a leak at best, and a flooded basement at worst. It’s usually best to replace the hoses every five years, so keep that in mind if you’ve had your machine for a while. It’s also worth investing in stainless steel hoses rather than rubber ones to prevent wear and tear before those five years are up!

Don’t overload

Be sure you are following the manual when it comes to how many articles of clothing you put into your washing machine. A load that is too big will throw the machine off balance and could cause problems that will require repairs.

Use the correct amount of detergent

Again, be sure to consult the owner’s manual to find the correct amount of detergent you should be using.  If your machine is a high-efficiency machine, be sure you are always using an HE detergent. This will prevent unnecessary buildup, mold, or eventually damage to the drum and hoses. Be sure to use the correct amount of fabric softener as well.

Clean the inside

It’s not uncommon for detergent, softener, or residue from particularly dirty loads to build up on the inside of your washer over time. Keep your washing machine running smoothly and keep your clothes cleaner by cleaning out the drum once a month. This will also help cut down on any funny-smelling odors.  To do this, pour distilled white vinegar into the laundry detergent dispense and put one cup of baking soda into the drum. Then run a cycle on the hottest temperature with an extra rinse.

Clean out the fabric softener dispenser

It’s no wonder that the pourable, gooey liquid fabric softener can easily build up in the fabric softener dispenser. It doesn’t take much more than a rag and some warm water to free any dried or gummed up fabric softener, and it will prevent clogs and harder to remove buildup.

Remove clothes immediately

When a load is finished, don’t let it sit in the drum for extended periods of time. Stay on top of your loads to prevent mildew. When the washing machine is not in use, leave the door ajar for good air circulation; this will also prevent mildew and mold.

Despite proper maintenance, sometimes repairs are inevitable. If you are in need to a repair for your washing machine, or any other appliance, choose Peter’s Appliance. This family-owned appliance repair shop in Utah County will have your machine up and running before you’ve noticed the inconvenience of life without it!