Inside of a full refrigerator

Why should you organize your fridge?

Having an organized fridge would usually be categorized as a personal preference rather than a necessary step for your kitchen. But the way you put your food in the fridge can create a more functional space, and keep your foods fresher longer. Say goodbye to wasted grocery money and spoiled food! And by avoiding over-packing your refrigerator and maintaining a steady temperature, you can boost your refrigerator’s efficiency! So what should the inside of your fridge look like?

1. Clean
Before you really get into organizing your fridge, take a moment to clean it out. Toss expired or bad food and wipe up any spills or messes. You should always aim to keep a fridge clean of spills or crumbs, and before you begin organizing it is a great opportunity to do so.

2. Top shelves
Once your refrigerator is properly cleaned, you can begin organizing! Let’s begin with the top shelf. The top shelf is a great place for leftovers. Just don’t forget to label them so they can be thrown out before they turn green!

3. Middle shelves
The most temperature-consistent part of your fridge is the middle shelf, as close to the middle of the fridge as possible. There are many things you can put here, but it is a perfect place for your eggs as they need the most consistent temperature. Remember to keep your eggs in their original cartons, they’ll last longer.

4. Bottom shelves
Your bottom shelves should be reserved for raw meats so that they don’t have anything to drip on and contaminate. Milk should go on the bottom shelf in the very back where it will stay coldest. Your yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese should stay in the back, bottom shelf as well.

5. Drawers
The drawers in your fridge are more than just drawers; they are made to control humidity levels! This makes them the perfect home for your fruits and veggies, keeping them fresh for as long as possible. Vegetables do best in high humidity, while fruits do best in low humidity or in the crisper. Your lunch meat belongs in the shallow meat drawer which is usually a little bit colder than the rest of your fridge.

6. Door
The door of your fridge is also the warmest part of your fridge. This is where you should keep all of your condiments which are usually high in vinegar or acidity so they can withstand the less than chilly temps. Butter and soft cheese do well in the dairy compartment on the door, since they don’t need to stay as cold as other cheese or milk products.

7. Maintain your refrigerator
No matter how well organized your refrigerator is, it won’t make much of a difference if your fridge isn’t running properly. If your ice cream is melting or your meat spoiling despite proper refrigerator organization, call Peter’s Appliance. With an outstanding reputation for appliance repair, you can spend less time worrying about your refrigerator staying cool this summer and enjoy more time at the pool!