stove repair

Stove and Oven Repair

If your kitchen’s the heart of your home, your stove and oven are definitely the “love muscles.” Without this dynamic duo, there would be no legendary holiday meals. Taco Tuesday would be a distant memory and picking up an oven-ready pizza for Friday’s traditional pizza/movie night would be no more. Stoves and ovens are also one of the most expensive appliances homeowners in Provo, UT invest in, so when this appliance starts to fail, it’s no wonder panic sets in.

Everyone knows the importance of a wholesome, home cooked meal—but you don’t realize just how good you have it until that’s no longer an option. Your family can only survive on microwaved meals and raw veggies for so long. Whether you’re a stovetop master with serious stir-fry skills or you’re more the baked goodies type, going without the most important appliance in your kitchen can lead to a revolt.

It’s time to call Peter’s Appliances.

No Time for DIYers

Stoves and ovens aren’t just the one of the costliest appliances in the home, they’re also the most dangerous. It doesn’t matter if you rely on gas or electricity—this is a job for a professional. You shouldn’t even test the power supply yourself, since stoves require a special type of outlet (with a specific power capacity). However, don’t wait until your stove completely gives up to call a technician.

Most homeowners know when their stove or oven isn’t acting like it should. Maybe one of the elements isn’t heating up or perhaps you’re suddenly burning your casserole (or it’s cold to the touch) even though you’ve used the same recipe, temperature and timing for years. Strange noises and smells are huge red flags and can even be a sign of carbon monoxide poisoning, which requires immediate evacuation.

Don’t Throw in the Kitchen Towel Just Yet

Watching your stove fail is like knowing your car’s on its last tire. You start immediately worrying about worst case scenarios and costs. While some stove repairs can, of course, be costly, most are relatively fast and cost-effective fixes or repairs. Sometimes it’s a minor part that needs to be replaced, or wiring that needs to be re-worked.

Call Peter’s Appliances and get on the fast track to getting your stove and oven back into chef-ready condition.