Where to put washer and dryer

The Best Place in Your Home for the Washer and Dryer

Are you new to the homeowner game? Whether you’re building new or renovating an existing home, you’ve had to make lots of decisions. Picking a paint color is easy, but the jury is almost always out when it comes to deciding where your washer and dryer should go. To help you decide, here are a few different options for those large home appliances and why they work best in each particular space.

Off the Kitchen
Many homeowners prefer to have the laundry room just off of the kitchen. Many messes happen in the kitchen, so it makes sense that you’d have to travel less distance to get something soaking or to throw it in the washing machine. The kitchen is also the center of the home and where most people spend a majority of their time, so having the washer and dryer off the kitchen means very easy access.

In the Basement
The basement is also a great place in your home for the washer and dryer. It’s out of the way, but in this instance, it’s just what many homeowners want! You won’t have to worry about the rumble of a dryer disrupting company or movie night, and you’ll keep unsightly piles of dirty clothes out of view. The downside is it usually means going up and down more steps, but if you’re looking for a little extra exercise, this may actually be a plus!

In the Mudroom
If you’re using the logic that you want your washer and dryer near the messiest part of the house, the mudroom is a good choice. If you do lots of adventuring or have a job that requires you to get dirty, you’ll keep your entire home cleaner if you’re able to toss a pair of muddy pants in the washer as you come in the house. It’s also a good spot to keep laundry hidden from visitors.

Off the Master Bedroom
When you get dressed you keep your clean clothes in your room. Why not make it a short trip for your dirty clothes to make it to the wash with a washer and dryer off the master bedroom? If you have other bedroom on the same floor, it will also make trips to the laundry room with dirty clothes short (as well as trips for clean clothes to drawers). As long as it’s not taking up valuable closet or bedroom space, go for it!

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