Garbage Disposal

What Type of Garbage Disposal Should You Buy?

The different types of garbage disposals available may confuse you when you’re in the appliance store trying to make a decision. You know how useful these machines are: They grind up food and process materials that would otherwise have to be carefully prevented from going down the drain and potentially causing major plumbing issues.

But which type of garbage disposal is going to deliver the service you require? Let’s take a look.

Continuous Feed Disposals

Continuous feed disposals are the most common type of this household appliance. You can constantly scrape food into the open chamber, flipping the on switch when you want to grind up the waste. You also can keep it running while you scrape all of the food off your dirty dinner dishes, getting rid of unwanted particles quickly and efficiently.

On the downside, a continuous feed garbage disposal does not have a cover engaged while in use, so you may accidentally drop an object into the chamber that does not belong, such as a piece of silverware. You also run the risk of injury if it turns on while you are reaching inside.

Batch Feed Disposals

A batch feed disposal, which processes food in batches, is not as common as continuous feed machines.

With these, you place all the discarded food particles into a chamber, and once it is full, you place the lid back on, which signals the grinder to start.

On the positive side, this type of disposer offers little chance that you will drop a piece of silverware into the chamber accidentally. Risk of injury is also lower, because the cover is on at all times while the machine is running.

The main drawback to using a batch feed disposal is that you are unable to dispose of large quantities all at once. You must grind up particles batch by batch, which could slow you down if you have a large family and a lot of waste.

Consider Horsepower When Making Your Decision

You also should look at the range of horsepower available in all models, whether you prefer continuous or batch feed. Most of these appliances have motor capabilities ranging from one-quarter to one horsepower.

Assess the needs of your household. If you are going to be using your machine constantly for every meal and grinding larger pieces of food waste, shop the types of garbage disposals with a higher horsepower. Lower horsepower ranges are perfectly acceptable if you live alone or do not use the appliance very often.

Hire a Professional Installation Team

Installing these appliances takes skill and experience. You are dealing with an electronic machine that runs while water is on — you don’t want to take a chance with the electrical wiring. Contact Peter’s Appliance for professional installation and more information on the varying types of garbage disposals and which one might be right for you.