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Washer Repair

Laundry might not top anyone’s list for favorite chore, but you don’t know how much you depend on your washer until it’s not working. That romantic notion of hand-washing delicates then pinning them in the backyard to dry in the sun gets old really fast. Nobody wants to spend their precious free time scrubbing out stains or tackling mystery splotches on white denim. Your washing machine is your trusty maid, your servant in waiting and your magician when grass stains seem insurmountable.

And when it breaks, you need immediate assistance. Whether it’s just you in the household or you have a family that rivals the Duggars, nothing makes laundry pile up faster than a washer on the blink. You’ll also realize (too late) just how few “good” underwear you have. Washers are actually pretty complex machines, and any time you mix water with electricity you’re heading into dangerous territory.

Peter’s Appliances has been serving our Provo, UT neighbors for years. Whether your machine is having cycle troubles or it went out in a (literal) blaze of glory, smoke and all, don’t panic. We’ll make sure it all comes out in the wash.

A Laundry List of Complaints

The most common problem is the most obvious—your washer just isn’t turning on. It’s possible that it’s just not getting power (you can check outlets before giving Peter’s a call). However, if that’s not the issue, there’s a plethora of potential issues to explore. Maybe the motor overheated, the wiring is faulty or the compressor is having a glitch. A skilled professional can get to the bottom of it.

A non-spinning washer is the runner up for complaints, and it could be a simple fix (like the lid not closing entirely) or a complex one. Belt replacements are a biggie, as are overly sensitive sensors. Failing to drain is an annoying but usually simple fix. Kinks in drain hoses, clogs and backed up gunk can all stop proper draining.

Wash ‘n’ Go

From cycles not finishing to leaky washers, there’s no end to the headaches you might face as a washer owner. However, the benefits massively outweigh the occasional hiccup. The good news? Most washing machine issues are quick and (not so) dirty for a pro to handle. However, prevention is key.

Regular maintenance is a must, and the second you suspect something’s amiss, give Peter’s a call. Don’t worry about airing your dirty laundry with us—we’ve seen it all, fixed it all and got the (whitest white) T-shirts to prove it.