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Why is my washer shaking all the time?

It’s probably happened to most of us; we throw our laundry in the washer, and we’re feeling good about getting it done and then the cycle changes from wash to rinse. The furious shaking coming from the laundry room is anything but ideal. You quickly close the door or blast the TV to keep from being disturbed.

If your washer is shaking all the time, it’s not something you need to live with! There are a few reasons this may be happening. Some of them you can fix on your own, so keep reading! But after that, it’s best that you call a repair man and get schedule a washer repair appointment right away.


You may just need to balance the load of laundry in your machine, or level your washing machine on the floor. First, check out the clothes inside. If you find there are more on one side of the drum than another, simply move the clothes around until it looks more even and restart the cycle. If the machine wobble or is unstable on the floor, tip your machine to figure out which side needs to be propped up. Adjust the leveling screw on the base as needed, so your washing machine has good contact with the floor. And if your leveling screws are old or damaged so that you are unable to level your machine, try using a shim (which can be made out of many materials) to level your machine by sliding it under a corner until the machine is level.


If your machine is still shaking after trouble shooting for off-balance clothing and feet, you may be in need of a washer repair. Vibrating and shaking could mean the shock absorber is damaged. This piece is used to absorb some of the movement during the spin cycle. If the shock absorbers are weak or damaged, unbalanced loads will shake and move the machine while making loud banging sounds. Leaving this piece for long can mean wreaking havoc on other parts of your machine.

If you have a top-loading washer, the smoothness of your spin cycle may rely on tub dampening straps that help to control and cushion movement. There are four straps that are made of rubber and they attach from the top of the tub to each corner of the cabinet. Overtime, when a strap is damaged, stretched out or broken, the machine will shake as the tub inside makes contact with the cabinet during the spin cycle.

These are just two examples of several parts that may need to be repaired or replace to keep your washing machine from shaking. You could have a problem with a suspension spring, tub spring, snubber ring or damper pad to name a few! If you’ve tried to level your washing machine on the ground, and tried to balance your wet clothes to no avail, call Peter’s Appliance. This family owned repair shop in Utah County will work with your busy schedule and help you figure out how to stop your washing machine from shaking. Peter’s Appliance will take care of your washer repair quickly and with a smile!