Why You Need a Toaster Oven

Why You Need a Toaster Oven

There are so many appliances on the market today, many of which seem impractical and unnecessary.

One appliance you may see regularly in various holiday ads is a toaster oven. Whether you’re cooking for a large family or just for yourself, here’s why a toaster oven is an appliance you need in your kitchen.

The Case For Toaster Ovens

More Efficient

Because it is so much smaller than a traditional oven, it is obviously going to be much more efficient than your oven. It uses less power and takes up less space.

Heating a smaller area will really come in handy during the summer months when just the idea of a hot kitchen makes you begin to sweat!

Easy Reheating

Until now you have probably used your microwave for all of your reheating needs. But here’s where the toaster oven can really change how you think about your meals.

With most models toting a convection mode, you’re going to get even and thorough heating without getting the “soggy” that sometimes comes along with microwave heating.

Quick Baking

If you’re craving a chocolate chip cookie late at night but don’t want to commit to an entire batch, use your toaster oven! The oven should come with a perfectly sized cookie sheet, and the small appliance will heat up quickly.

You can also make things like French fries, fish sticks, and nachos quickly and easily. You’ll get a nice crispy exterior with good flavor in a short amount of time.

Eliminate Other Appliances

Because a toaster oven serves several functions, adding one to your kitchen can actually help you eliminate other appliances.

Your toaster oven, as the name implies, can perfectly toast anything from bread to the bottom of a slice of pizza making your toaster obsolete.

Get Fancy

Using a toaster oven lets you take your food to a whole new level. You no longer need to wait for your toast to pop up before you start adding toppings!

Throw on some cinnamon sugar and butter, or a slice of cheese to get a whole new creation!


Who says you need a second oven to cook your Thanksgiving (or any other) meal?

If you have a toaster oven you can easily use it to make sides or even roast an entire chicken all while using your traditional oven for other dishes. Roast vegetables, cook fish, or even melt marshmallows and cheese easily in a small space.

Easy Clean-up

Because toaster ovens are so much smaller than your traditional oven, they are much easier to clean. It’s a small space that is easy to access (no need to clean inside your oven trying to scrub up spills!).

And most come with a removable tray so spills and drips are easy to take care of.

A toaster oven is one appliance that can make your life easier and your cooking more enjoyable. Many appliances make every-day life more simple.

If you have an issue with any appliance, be sure to get it fixed right away to take advantage of these easy conveniences. Peter’s Appliance is happy to assist you in fixing all of your gadgets, big and small.

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