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Why Your Dryer Takes Too Long to Dry

Laundry can already seem like a pretty daunting task; you have to wash, dry, fold, and put everything away, all of which takes time. You may want to throw in the towel (quite literally) if you go to remove your laundry from the dryer only to find that they’re still wet! But before you do, know that there may be a simple fix. Here’s a few reasons why your dryer takes too long to dry.

Reason #1. Heavy Loads
If your laundry is occasionally takes too long to dry, it may have something to do with particular loads of laundry. Cotton holds much more water than synthetic fabric, and if you have a very large load it may make it that much more difficult to dry. For example, if you wash all of your bathroom towels at once. There may not necessarily be a problem with your dryer, but certain loads may just require more dry time. If you are overloading your dryer it may struggle, even if it is in perfect condition! Don’t combine loads and keep them to a reasonable size.

Reason #2. Check the Ventilation
If, however, your dryer seems to take too long all of the time, it’s a good idea to start troubleshooting with the ventilation. In order for the air to flow properly and heat your laundry, the pipe needs to meet a few standards. Most likely you’ll need to have a vent pipe or flexible metal 4” in diameter. Check all along the hose to make sure there are no obstructions, kinks, or no damages. You also need to check the outside of your home where the wall damper is to make sure it is working properly. Whether you’re having dry-time issues or not, it is a good practice to clean out the duct work once a year.

Reason #3. Lots of Lint
If you’re not in a good habit of emptying out the lint filter after drying each load of laundry, you may have found the source of your problems! When lint builds up, it restricts the airflow and increase dry time. That’s why it’s so important to remove any and all lint after each load. If you notice a buildup of fabric softener, it’s time to give your lint filter a deep clean. Just remove the filter and wash it with warm soapy water. Let it dry completely and it should be good as new! If you notice any damage to your lint filter, get it replaced as soon as possible.

Reason #4. Check Your Settings
If you notice your clothes seem much wetter than usual as you transfer them to the dryer, your dryer may not be the problem. Check your washer and make sure you select the correct settings for each load. You may not be choosing the correct spin cycle and the washer isn’t removing as much water as it could be!

If these few simple fixes aren’t cutting it, it’s time to talk to a professional, like the ones with Peter’s Appliance. They will help you get your dryer working in no time so you can get back to having clean, dry clothes!